Why you need a licensed contractor to work on your house

licensed contractorBuying a home is the largest financial decision most of us make during a lifetime. We use a realtor to find our dream house. Why? Because realtors have all the knowledge associated with buying or selling houses that makes purchasing a house a hassle-free experience.

Home modifications or repairs can be a nightmare if done improperly. That is precisely why you need a licensed contractor to help you with that remodel or to correct the shoddy work of some unlicensed handyman.

What do licensed contractors do?

 What does a licensed contractors do that I could not do myself? I can hire sub-contractors myself. Hiring a contractor just adds an additional cost to my project.

True, construction contractors hire sub-contractors. These are specialty contractors. But general contractors do much more than that. Would you hire your show and blow gardener to add another room to your house? I do not think so. He is an expert in his field of work, but he may not know much about framing, dry wall, plumbing, heating installations. If he does, how do you know that he is familiar with current local codes?

Specialty contractors are specialists in their field of work

 It takes expertise and experience to become an expert in one type of construction work.  Those jobs are highly specialized. They have a definite beginning and end within a construction or remodeling job. If you have a job to do that is limited to one of these specialties, a specialty contractor will do fine. But when it comes to a major remodel or overhaul of your new home, you need a licensed general contractor.

General contractors are like captains of a ship

They control and steer a construction project through all phases of the project. A licensed contractor will be with you from the beginning to the end of the entire project. Not just a special phase of it.

Contractors, the general type, are your connection to the project from the planning stage to the very end. You go to him or her whenever you need to discuss the work in progress. Construction contractors of this kind are the generals of your battle with construction.

Licensed contractors

  • know local building codes
  • understand construction work in all of its facets
  • plan and direct the work flow
  • hire competent and trustworthy sub-contractors
  • often have their own employees
  • pay worker’s payroll and insurance
  • carry overall insurance to cover their work
  • are responsible to you for the quality of their work
  • had to take a test to prove their competence
  • are licensed and supervised by a governmental agency.

Licensed contractors provide you with many benefits for a relatively small price. Why not use them to your advantage.