Roof leaking? Time for a roofing contractor

Meteorologists are talking about the impending arrival of El Nino – a monster El Nino. We primarily think ‘rain’ when we hear the term El Nino. Homeowners are mostly concerned with the status of their roof. Will it leak when the deluge hits?

A roofing contractor can give you piece of mind

 Roof leakingRoofing contractors are among the many specialty contractors. They are experts in anything related to roofs and roofing including gutters, downspouts and proper drainage.

While a homeowner may be able to clean the gutters and spouts of his home, he will in all likelihood not be able to work on the roof. You need to stand on many roofs before you know which will leak. Professional roofing companies have done exactly that, stood on many roofs. It can be hard, physically demanding work.

In addition, a budding roofer needs to pass a test in order to become a licensed roofing contractor. As homeowner that should give you some piece of mind. At least you know that the roofer had to demonstrate his knowledge of the specialty construction he is working. It is equally important that a licensed contractor needs to carry contractor’s insurance, just in case his work does not live up to generally accepted standards.

Roofing contractor or general contractor? 

Again the answer depends on the nature of the job and your preference. If you have only to fix some leaks or only the roof, a licensed roofing contractor with a good reputation will do. But if you plan on replacing the entire substructure of the roof, you better hire a general contractor.

A respected, established local roofing contractor will save you some money in most cases and give you good quality work.

When selecting a licensed roofing contractor, homeowners should consider a few parameters. Ask your potential roofer whether

  • he is licensed
  • how many years he has been in business
  • has he repaired your type of roof
  • he carries Workman’s Compensation Insurance
  • he carries general liability insurance.


  • Does he have a local address and phone number
  • does he remove the old roof
  • does he remove the trash from the property
  • can he give you local references.

There are other questions to ask. But these should give you a good understanding of the man and the business you are considering to hire.

Most of all, in dealing with any construction or building contractors, please keep in mind that